Business Solutions

Azulle is one of the leading mini PCs of choice for enterprise and business solutions pioneering the future of technology.


Edge computing

Gather, process, and act with the operations industrial edge device & adapt to the future.


Transform your business by integrating IoT technology to gain actionable insights.

Digital Signage

Universities, hospitals, stores, businesses, and more, are using digital signage to create interactive experiences and provide information.

Video Conferencing

Connect with people all over the world from any-place using videoconferencing.

Thin Clients Replacement

Replace your desktop PCs and centralize management through a server-based computing network.


Create a digitalized experience and engage with your customers with interactive kiosks.

Emergency Notifications

Receive instant information during an emergency or times of crisis through any screen.

Zoom Rooms

Expand your reach with the unlimited power of digital signage with the Zoom license.


Overcome distance barriers and improve access to medical services.

Remote work

Empower remote work with portable, compact, and versatile technology.

Our Promise

Superior Products

We offer a variety of versatile fanless Mini PCs and PC sticks with high-quality components to meet the needs of most businesses.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

All of our products have a manufacturer defect warranty that protects your computer investment.

Flexible Payment

We provide flexible payment options for large orders. We accept payments via PayPal®, ACH, check, credit card, or direct wire transfer.

Special Pricing

Azulle offers discounted pricing to business clients, with availability for both small and large scale quantities.

Drop Shipping

Direct deliveries from our nearest location to your destination of choice for quicker restocks and distribution.

Customize It

Azulle provides the ability to install custom software into our devices, making it easier for clients to create solutions and access applications needed to run their business.


Technology Inspired By Real People

All of our expandable mini PCs support a variety of operating systems and your choice of RAM and storage. Each is compatible with a wide range of software and hardware options. The small form factors of each PC gives you the ability to discreetly connect to any device to display your content in 4K resolution. With a defect rate less than 1%, Azulle has proven to provide quality products capable of meeting all business and digital signage needs. Customize your hardware to create the perfect solution for your business.

Brands That Work With Azulle