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A leading manufacturer of mini PC’s and mini PC sticks, dedicated to developing and introducing practical innovation for homes and businesses.

Business Solutions

Edge Computing

Gather, process, and act with the operations industrial edge device & adapt to the future.

Business Solutions


Transform your business by integrating IoT technology to gain actionable insights.

Business Solutions

Digital Signage

Universities, hospitals, stores, businesses, and more, are using digital signage to create interactive experiences and provide information

Business Solutions

Video Conferencing

Connect with people all over the world from any-place using videoconferencing.

Business Solutions

Thin Clients Replacement

Azulle mini PCs are a compact, light weight, and cost effective computing solution that can be customizable to your business needs.

Business Solutions


Interactive kiosks powered by Azulle’s latest technology are revolutionizing business processes and customer experiences across various industries.

Business Solutions

Emergency Notifications

An emergency notification service is a system in which people can receive instant information during an emergency or times of crisis.

Business Solutions

Zoom Rooms

Transform any space into a Zoom Room with Azulle hardware and Zoom’s video-conferencing software and experience video conferencing on a whole different level.

Business Solutions


Overcome distance barriers and improve access to medical services.

Business Solutions

Remote work

Empower remote work with portable, compact and versatile technology.

Consumer Solutions

Home Entertainment

Create your ultimate living room experience and unleash the full power of your TV with our Mini PC’s.

Consumer Solutions

Cloud Gaming

Take your gaming to new heights and transform your Mini PC to a perfect cloud gaming platform.

Consumer Solutions

Home Automation

Make life at home easier with smart home devices to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and so much more.

Consumer Solutions

Video Conferencing

Communicate and collaborate with friends, family, and peers from anywhere at anytime with a mini PC setup solution.

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A fanless, portable computing solution for on-the-go connectivity and infinite capabilities.


A fanless, high-performance desktop replacement, built for business and made for pleasure.

BYTE4 Elite

The Byte4 Elite is an ultra-powerful barebones mini PC built with an 11th generation Tiger Lake processor, and your choice of OS, RAM, and storage.


Android-powered enterprise solution with a 64-bit Qualcomm processor built to maximize your business potential.


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